Dr. Robert Maloney Is

“One Of America’s Top Ten Vision Correction Surgeons.”

—Ophthalmology Times Magazine

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I had a very good experience here everyone was very professional and my cataract surgery went very well and my vision is much improved.

Ted Fujimoto

I should have done this before. It is changing my life. Now I can see colors bright colors ! An easy surgery with great rewards You did great all the way

Lise C.

Very professional and welcoming office. I was seen promptly, the procedures were explained and the doctors are all quite personable and friendly

Maribeth B.

Thank you very much for taking care for me by Dr. Hula and other staffs. Really appreciate for kindness.

Keiko Y.

All the staff were always very accommodating and supportive! It was a warm feeling coming into the office everytime

Eric J.

Except for the copay for the surgical center, the information and timeline provided by your staff prepared me well as to what to expect

Francene M.

Experience with Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute was literally the best! Dr. Shamie and all of the staff provided outstanding service. Every staff person who I interacted with was efficient, knowledgeable, professional, and personable. They all communicated clearly and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. I highly recommend!!!

Marilynn P.

Very professional Very transparent Extremely flexible Changed my life I could not be happier

Colby B.

I started going to the Maloney Vision Institute 20 years ago when I finally decided to get Lasik surgery. I did my research and the best around was Dr. Maloney. Through the years I have taken my Mother in to have her cataract surgeries and my husband had lasik surgery as well. As the years progressed, he has also had his cataract surgery here. Now after the best and most successful service time and again, I chose Dr. Shamie for my Cataract surgery. She did not disappoint. My vision is crystal clear and I couldn’t be happier. If you want the Best, the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute is the only place to trust your vision.

Judyann A.

Everything in life happens for a reason. If it had not been for the pandemic, I wouldn't have met my new Optometrist Dr.Matsuda who after realizing I had cataracts, sent me to Dr.Shamie. This Optomologist is just absolutely wonderful!!! My cataracts were headed to the danger zone & night driving was just about out of the question. So very thankful for this beautiful soul. The procedure is quick & painless & my vision is 20/20 now with everything so bright, new & clear! Don't know why I waited so long. Highly recommended!!!👁👁

Di Wren

Service is great.

Tsering Khangchen

Good Service. I'm very happy.

Tsering K.

Was very pleased with the care and results of a recent cataract surgery. All pre-op appoints were informative and thorough since there are several surgery options, clarity of options is important. The surgery was efficient and post op care was very good. Very pleased with the results.

Gerrie Maloof

The whole team was so easy to work with and very informative the entire time.

Michael LaBorde

Dr. Shamie is magnificent. Her touch is delicate and her work precise. I couldn't recommend her more highly

Arva Rose

The entire office staff were very professional. Dr Hura answered all questions and professional. I am very satisfied. Thank you for my clear vision.

John Voght

Great doctors. State of the art equipment and absolutely helpful staff. I had a lens replacement surgery and it turned out so perfect. Amazing!

Ronald B.

Amazing vision change! No longer need driving glasses. Had final check last Thursday (10/6) with Dr. Matsumoto. Eye pressure now normal. Thanks.


It's like a miracle. I have been extremely nearsighted all of my life. Then my night sight deteriorated. After surgery I can see better than I ever have.

Lynn Frances J.

I am an optometrist in Los Angeles and I have been referring patients to Maloney-Shamie Vision institute for a while now. I have seen them take care of a lot of my patients with refractive and cataract surgery. So when I decided that I was ready to have Lasik, I knew I wanted to go to Dr. Maloney. The procedure was super fast and easy! The staff (especially Gaby) was great throughout the process and made me feel very comfortable especially because I get anxious (the sedative definitely helped with that). I was done before I knew it and was able to read the clock on the wall right after the procedure. I went from having a high prescription and wearing glasses or contacts all the time to seeing perfectly without anything on. The only question I had for myself after everything was done was “why didn’t I do this sooner?”. Thank you to Dr. Maloney, Gaby, and the entire office staff for providing such great care.

arti bhatt

I have been in glasses or contacts since I was twelve years old. To open my eyes and see clearly near and far thanks to Dr. Maloney and my new mono-vision Lasik’d eyes is a dream come true!!! I couldn’t recommend that wonderful doctor and his caring team more!! I can see!!!

Yvette B.

Everyone at Maloney Shamie Institute was great. The staff there was great at explaining the process for the cataract surgery. Even Dr Shamie took the time to call me to say how the cataract surgery went into the late evening. I would highly recommend to anybody needing this type of surgery. THANKS DR SHAMIE!!!

Eric Miura

Had my LASIK procedure with Dr. Maloney back in May of this year. Thankful and happy I had this procedure done. Highly recommend Dr. Maloney and his practice.

Xochitl Rubio

Experience from phone to in office was by far exceptional. Everyone was kind, friendly and really made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Jason Wallace

Everything went extremely good from the person who checked me till the end of the process. The staff is amazing and so helpful. My vision is wonderful and I can’t wait to do my other eye. It couldn't have gone any better.

Nancy D.

Incredible experience! Thank you for making it so easy.

Graham Cruser Marsh

Dr. Shamie, all the doctors, and office staff are excellent! I've had nothing but positive experiences. I highly recommend!!!

Kathy Gade

Incredible! I can't believe I waited this long to do it. I have been blown away by how perfectly clear my vision has become-both near and far! Dr. Maloney was amazing and his reputation as being the best in the business is well deserved. Thank you so much for giving me something I thought I would never have- a life without glasses or contacts!

Ozzy B.

Amazing experience. LASIK went perfectly with Dr Maloney. The whole team was fantastic from start to finish.

dean ehrlich

excellent. Everyone was very pleasant and polite, while the surgery itself was successful.

Jim Devine

Dr. Shamie did my Mother's cataract surgery. The procedure was done so quickly, painlessly, and beautifully. My Mother can't stop saying how clear her vision is post cataract surgery. She said last time she saw this clearly was probably when she was in high school. The staffs at Moloney-Shamie vision Institute are absolutely amazing! They are so patient and caring. We felt like we were really being cared for. The staffs at the surgical center were super friendly and nice too! Over all an excellent experience! I would recommend all of my friends and family to Maloney-Shamie Vision.

Alice Sun

Extremely professional office and operation. I was very happy with the pre-surgery visit and the surgery itself. I cannot believe how much better my vision is. And, the colors! Wow!!!

Ron Hoffman

I went in for corrective vision procedure. It was a highly emotional experience as I have very poor vision and I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. The care and kindness of each employee was above and beyond. They were so thorough in explaining every step along the way so there was no surprises- I don't think I've ever experienced such great care and service in a doctors office setting. Specifically, Ben was so welcoming and took great care of me prior to seeing Dr. Shamie. He was thoughtful and got to know my family history and prepared by reading all of my information before my appointment (he even remembered my Sons name and knew all of my concerns for procedure.) it was so comforting. No complications in and out promptly and healing well. So thrilled with my experience.

Veronica Toeper

Best experience of my life, great teamwork, great recommendations by Dr Maloney, they care more about your vision than making money. Thank you to all the staff for making me feel like family.

Marco S.

I had LASIK consultation and surgery here. Process was extremely safe and efficient and professional. Eyes are healing and happy that I finally took the plunge!

Ken Zheng

By far the best experience I’ve ever had! Dr. Money was amazing from in office to post surgical experience. I felt taken care of by not only Dr.Maloney but by all the staff members whether I was in office or at home. Everyone was able to answer my questions and easily to get in touch with in between all my appointments. I highly recommend Maloney-Shamie Institute for your procedure. ICL surgery has been completely life changing for me! I’m no longer a prisoner to my eyes!

lauren rodriguez

I had a great experience with the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. I was referred to them by my optometrist for a Lasik consultation. The office was very responsive and got in touch with me quickly after receiving initial info from my optometrist. I ended up not qualifying for Lasik and Dr. Maloney recommended the ICL procedure instead. They were all understanding when I needed time to think about it, and I at no point felt pressured to move forward. After about a month I decided I did want to move forward with the procedure, which required another visit to the office for more measurements. The follow-up was also easy to schedule. At that point, a scheduler got in contact with me to schedule the actual procedure. The next day post-op was scheduled at the same time as the procedure, and the same day post-op was scheduled a few days before the procedure, along with the exact time of the procedure itself. Everyone I talked to at every point always made sure to ask if I had any questions, which was helpful. If I had any questions that came up later, they were also easy to get in touch with. It was reassuring to have multiple post-ops, considering the ICL is a bit more involved than Lasik, and the office runs pretty efficiently so I was able to get in and get out pretty quickly. Overall I would recommend the Vision Institute to anyone who was considering Lasik or the ICL.

Lillian K.

Amazing and life changing experience!

Alexander L.

I had my PRK lasik eye surgery a week ago. The surgery went great and their team was caring and mindful of how nervous I was. After I got home from the surgery, they called me to check on my condition, and Dr. Maloney texted me so I could have his number in case of an emergency. The following day, I had a virtual meeting with one of the doctors to see how I was doing before I went to their office to get checked. Their team has been great from the very first consultation! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has to have corrective eye surgery.

Ana Osta

My cataract surgery went very well. Seeing 20/20 out of my left eye. Wish I could do the right eye now. Dr. Shamie and her entire staff were very professional and provided top notch service the entire process. Thank you all!!!

Clete S.

I'm just a few weeks post LASIK and I couldn't be happier with how things have gone. I never wore contacts because of eye sensitivity, and I was pretty nervous about the procedure, but everyone who I saw at the Maloney-Shamie practice was incredibly kind and I'm so glad I trusted my vision to them. I met Dr. Maloney during the initial consult, and though I technically didn't see him on the day of my surgery because of all the eye drops and equipment, his presence in the operating room was very relaxing, and the whole thing was over in what seemed like no time. I ended up having quite a few follow-ups; one with Dr. Barnes and a few with Dr. Luu - both of them were amazing. They were patient with me when I had a little trouble with the band-aid contacts, and took plenty of time to explain the recovery steps as they were happening. I cannot imagine better care than I received from the team at Maloney-Shamie Vision and I would recommend them to anyone considering LASIK.


Dr. Maloney and all of his staff are great and very professional. I was treated as a VIP pt. from the minute I walked in, to the minute I left and walked out feeling very confident in letting Dr. Maloney proceed with my Lasik surgery. I would like to acknowledge the entire staff and mainly Gabby for making me feel comfortable and treating me very professional at all times. Dr. Maloney made me feel at ease and ease and was very compassionate about what I wanted my outcome to be. I would 100% recommend Dr. Maloney and his office to anyone that would like to get Lasik surgery. You will not regret this decision, I promise that. Again, thank you all for helping me make the best decision ever.

Susana R.

Very competent staff and doctors, very efficient and friendly!

Michael McClish

The staff and Dr. Shamie were very professional, kind, and caring.

Denise Morita

The best experience anyone could have, with me being very cautions and nervous I was made to feel extremely comfortable with everything being explained to me with precise details and then carried out exactly as planned with caring and professionalism. Great Job!!!!!!

Rickey J.

Professional, organized, and kind from start to finish. Outstanding experience with Dr. Maloney and his team!

Kelly Ferguson Saracco

Everything ran smoothly

Sally S.

Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyes. They are so sweet here! Everyone in the office was so helpful and kind. Not only did the Lasik correct my vision, but it made it even better than 20/20! I could see perfectly the next day!!! Amazing place:)


Getting Lasik at the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute was one of the best decisions of my life. I was extremely near-sighted, but after Lasik I now see better than 20/20!! Getting Lasik (which only takes 11 minutes) has enhanced every aspect of my life: I love waking up in the morning and being able to SEE, I love not having to worry about contacts anymore (putting them in, taking them out, packing them for trips, etc), and I love that I see better now than I ever did with contacts. The team at Maloney-Shamie is incredible: they make you feel SO COMFORTABLE before the procedure, and give you good um... "vitamins" before and after the procedure so you're totally relaxed during the procedure, and able to sleep soundly after the procedure. Lasik doesn't hurt: I literally went in at 4pm on a Thursday, fell asleep when I got home at 6pm, and woke up the next day able to SEE! (I didn't have to take any time off of work - which was awesome!). The team at Maloney-Shamie are kind, have great bedside manner, and make you feel like family. If you're looking to get Lasik, I recommend getting it here (plus a handful of celebrities got their Lasik here, which is pretty cool!)

Katherine C.

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Jessy Osaro

Best possible experience ever. Dr. Shamie is beyond a consummate professional. Excellent bedside manner with just right balance of caring/kindness and directness. Immediately impressed withTanya Rivers phone and e-mail communication setting up double cataract exam and surgery. Brenda Villacorta’s intake interview in the most beautiful medical facility I’ve visited. You feel better just walking in the place as the lovely and fastidious Tiffany greets you and Jasmine sets appointments. Dr. Barnes and Dr. Park and Bens post op care continues to be patient, thorough and so caring. It was a great experience and I felt so safe

Diane S.

Dr. Maloney and team were excellent. They took amazing care of me throughout the entire process and couldn’t be happier with the results!

Kellie C.

Super happy with my experience at the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute and with Dr. Maloney. He took great care of me and the Lasik procedure went very smoothly. He even texted afterward from his personal phone to check if I was doing okay. The staff and other optometrists are also super friendly and great. After my initial exam consult, the assistant that I saw earlier emailed me asking if I had any further questions about the procedure, which was very sweet. I was afraid Dr. Maloney would be booked up far in advance but they had openings the following week after my initial consultation which was great. Super easy recovery and great overall experience. Beyond happy to be able to see again!


Got LASIK here with Dr Maloney but had some interactions with Shamie as well. The doctors and staff were friendly, experienced, professional, reassuring.

Gilad Gurantz

The whole experience was amazing and totally worth it!

Xtina Lucille

Dr. Maloney and the entire staff at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute are all world-class! My experience from the first LASIK consultation to the post-op care has been nothing but enjoyable. Dr. Maloney is extremely personable, and it's apparent he truly cares for his patients and their health. He even texted later in the day of my surgery to check in on how my recovery was doing, which was a wonderful surprise. I highly recommend anyone considering visiting the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute to do so!

Louis Bollinger

Super professional. Extensive exam. Options for treatment. Quick and painless at the surgery center. No complications. Outstanding results.

Laurence G.

Professional, expert care. Highly recommended without reservation.

James K.

Extremely thorough (more than 2 hour) exam at the well-organized office by pleasant, well-trained staff, who were in uniform. Lots of diagnostic equipment led to a choice between three options. No pushback by choosing just about the least expensive option. The two surgeries at a surgery center were separated by a week. Each took about 1.5 hours, including initial paperwork, procedure (very quick) and recovery. Follow-up after each surgery at the main office. An unexpected but much appreciated call in the evening by Dr. Shamie to check on me. I'm thrilled with the results.

Larry G

Was very nervous going in for Lasik, but the entire team made it easy and fast. The entire process was over before I knew it. Highly recommend anyone considering Lasik to go here. Thank you Dr. Maloney!

Sukhraj Mahal

Exceeded my expectations. My surgeon Dr Shamie and the entire staff provided the highest level of care and service during my surgery and recovery. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. They made my first time having surgery the ideal experience.


EXCELLENT Doctor Shamie and staff🙏

Fariba C.

After six months and four procedures, healing and patience, marvelous Dr. Shamie, with the assistance of the Institute's gracious team of Optometrists, Techs and Staff have given me the gift of better and amazing sight (2 cornea polishings, 2 cataract removal-lens replacements). Clarity and definition of detail are beyond comprehension. I have worn glasses-thick as bottles-since 18 months and have never seen as well as now and with so much contrast and depth. Colors, light, and the beauty of humans, nature's flora and fauna are nuanced and even spectacular. Thank you for enhancing my life journey.

Philly Murtha

Good morning staff was so gracios and professional

Keith Welch

Dr. Shamie is top of the game, from the office to staff to surgical facility. I would highly recommend Dr. Shamie. Thank you for taking care of me.

Stephen Kenneston

All were professional and very caring

Peggy M.

I couldn't have asked for a more professional office staff, and a more compassionate and skilled surgeon as Dr. Shamie.

Jonathan Levy

Very experienced, neat, precise and follow up with herself calling in the same evening after the surgery.

Henry L.

Dr Shamie and the entire staff was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this Vision Institute to everyone. I am very happy with the result and extremely amaze how easy they made the procedure for me.

Sandy Moshay

Dr Shamie did an awesome job! It was so easy and the recovery was so fast! She was very organized and made sure to check everything before performing cataract surgery!

Flora Lee

I had 20/15 with contacts. My surgery with Dr. Hura got me to slightly better thatn 20/15 in 24 hours! So grateful.

Alexander Jacobs

I needed cataract surgery and wanted the premium (multi-focal) lens, not covered by Medicare and which only a few opthomologists can perform. Dr. Shamie is a superb surgeon, very empathic, as is her entire office. Very professional, always on-time. The surgery was totally painless as was the recovery. Throwing away all my glasses forever! Highest recommendation!

Nehama Jacobs

Dr. Shamie is amazing! I felt I was in good hands. I don’t hesitate to recommend her to my friends.

Janet L.

Pure professionalism, A+ eye surgeon who was our expert of choice, hands down.


My mom got cataract surgery several weeks ago and she’s doing great! Dr. Shamie and team are top-notch professionals. From consultation to surgery to postoperative care, we always felt that we were in great hands. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the whole experience! Dr. Shamie is a consummate eye surgeon, and her reputation precedes her. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing cataract surgery and/or vision enhancement.

Sang Lee

Very happy with the service and especially happy with the results.

Tony Rees

All appointments were timely and without delay. Staff was courteous, friendly and efficient. Dr. Shamie was thorough and conservative in her assessment. The surgery was painless, quick and with near instant results. Best of all, I can see better now, without any glasses or contacts, than I have in 30 years. Kudos to the entire group. Money well spent.

Thomas B.

Outstanding surgery on my eye. Had it done at UCLA and I was in crying pain for two months. Could never see right out of it. Dr. Shamie fixed it when I thought it was impossible.

Dale R.

I had cataract surgery on both eyes recently. The process was easy, result was fantastic. I can see much better now. Great vision institution for all your eye care need.

Quincy Chu

Dr. Shamie is an awesome surgeon and her staff members are great. I had a very uneventful procedure and the results were even better than I expected.

Neal K.

Excellent experience. Great doctor. Friendly, knowledgable staff.

Rocco Rotunno

Absolutely perfect in every aspect, every way, every detail....Dr. Neda Shamie and Team are flawless and beyond all expectations!

Loretta Ayeroff

Waiting time minimal

Robert F.

Dr. Hura was outstanding. I went with PRK due to my lifestyle and he worked with me to understand everything and booked a surgery within a week. Now 3 weeks after surgery, my vision is great and seeing clearly!

Patrick Wauben

Well… first of all, this is not my first surgery with Dr.Shamie (2016 DMEKs) but it is my first experience with the new office/practice. Appointments are prompt, organized and informative. I first set a surgery date for several months out to coincide with my new Medicare status but had to change it, twice. No problem. I had questions; easy answers. Plenty of clear paperwork, follow up emails and phone calls to make sure I was prepared and there were no surprises. The day of surgery, Dr.Shamie made her usual rounds to say hello and reassure me of a good outcome. After surgery, I experienced some bright white flashing and called in on a Saturday. The only glitch was when the paperwork said I could get in touch with someone 24/7 by calling the listed phone number…however when I called, the recording said to leave a message and they’d call back during regular business hours. I left a message and waited. No call back. Did that a few times then, feeling desperate, I found a chat box on the website and sent a message that way… finally I got a call back. It was just in time to drive out to the office from Pasadena before Saturday hours were over. Come to find out there was a technology glitch with the answering service. Then, good news, the flashing wasn’t serious and I went home relieved and seeing 20/15 with my new IOL! Yay! I’m a raving fan!

Jody K.

Maloney-Shamie vision institute made sure that I was well informed going into LASIK surgery and the process was relatively quick, easy and has been life changing. I did a full day of work the next day with 20/15 vision that keeps improving, and the post op process was simple and easy to follow.

David Dinklage

Professional and caring

Maria C.

Professional, personable, and skilled - handled all the details and follow up appointments scheduled and provided clear pre and post op instructions. Most of all, they suggested the right plan for my situation and the results were life changing.

Marian C.

I am so pleased with the results of my procedures. Everyone I came in contact with acted in a courteous and professional manner. Thank you Dr. Shamie!

jeri sowersby

It's expensive but it was absolutely worth every dollar. I came in with 20/30 vision and walked away with 20/15. The procedure was quick and the recovery was super easy. They were very accommodating, really responsive, and had great "bedside" manner for lack of a better term. Highly recommended.

Nick Reese

I had cataract surgery done. The entire experience was flawless. From the pre-op appointments to the surgery. From the reception staff to all the professionals who walked me through the examinations, and finally the surgery team. Dr. Shamie is amazing, with a very light touch. If you are considering cataract surgery, look no further than Dr. Shamie.

N Pirani

An incredible experience from start to finish. Dr. Maloney and his entire staff have the utmost level of professionalism and kindness and I felt very taken care of during both my pre-screen and operation, which was done the same day. I've achieved better vision than I had when I was wearing contacts and it was an extremely smooth recovery process. I could not recommend more.

Brendan McKay

Great place very friendly staff. Super satisfied by the Doctor work. I was able to see right away. Best decision of my life. Definitely life changing to finally be able to see without prescription glasses. Highly recommend.

Brenda Herrera

Great experience from the moment I walked in the door. All the staff and doctors were friendly and knowledgable and made me feel comfortable which is just what you want from medical professionals. Highly recommend!

Carolyn Pedrossian

Great job with Dr Shamie Now I can see better without using glasses.

George V.

My ophthalmologist advised me that I needed cataract surgery on both eyes and recommended Dr Shamie at the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. All of my appointments and other contact with Dr Shamie and the staff at the Institute were professional and friendly. All of my questions were answered regarding the options for a replacement lens. The first surgery went well and it's been less than a week since the surgery on my other eye. I can now see as well as I could with my last pair of glasses and I'm told that my sight will continue to improve over the next few weeks as my eyes heal completely. I'm very pleased with my surgery results and my experience with the Institute. I would definitely recommend both Dr. Shamie and the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute.

La Juana M

Like a miracle. I threw away my driving glasses after the cataract surgery. Dr. Shamie is a terrific surgeon.


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Adafin Olayinka

I had cataract’s removed from both eyes. I had absolutely no problem with either operation. I can read as I did 40 years ago. Thank you Doctor Shamie and your Institute of professionals.

Jim Clark

Great experience. Dr. Maloney knows what he's doing and has a great manner.

Duncan Birmingham

I am a very picky with health care providers as I work in healthcare/sciences. Initially I was just going in for a consult, thinking I'd get two opinions and decide, but the care and service here had me locked in and I walked out of there with two eyes lasered. The tech doing all the pre testing was great, told me why each test was needed and how it helped them figure out what would best suit my needs. Dr. Shamie came in and was warm, clear and honest about what laser could and couldn't do for my vision and made me feel confident that if I was going to trust anyone to laser my eyes, she's a good choice. So I did it and believe it was the best investment ever. I feared the possibility of dry eyes because that was my problem with contacts but I followed their recommendations to a T to avoid any period of dryness in the first month and have had no real issues. Occasionally I get dry but nothing like what I experienced with contacts so all in all waking up and seeing clear and not having to deal with contact eye fatigue makes it all worth it to me and I would recommend Dr Shamie and this center for sure.

Alejandra Torres

Best experience of my life.

iliana sanchez

After doing much research, I recently had Lasik at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. I was initially going to have him correct for my nearsightedness. However, after completing thorough exams Dr. Maloney wanted me to see what mono-vision would look like using corrective lenses in my prescription first, during the exam. I am really glad he did. I had misconceptions about mono-vision. After discussing it with him further, I decided I would follow his recommendation and went with mono-vision. I am not disappointed. I don't have to wear readers and my distance vision is clear. Everyone from the front office staff to surgery staff, and Dr. Park, was so supportive and kind. Dr. Maloney was so supportive during surgery. You feel well informed and taken care of by Dr. Maloney's entire team. If you are looking for the best, hands down get your procedure done here.

Nancy Thomas

Far exceeded my already high expectations! I was referred to Dr. Maloney by my wonderful optometrist. The team is exceptional — kind, detailed and efficient! From the virtual consult to the routine correspondence prior to the procedure, I was left wanting for nothing more. The procedure day was seamless. The surgical staff explained everything clearly and were very comforting. Dr. Maloney has an excellent bedside manner and provided reassurance and updates throughout the quick and easy (for me) procedure. The follow up was also exceptional — it included a text and letter from Dr. Maloney. 2 weeks out, I have 20/15 vision and minimal dryness (far better than I anticipated). Referrals already made! One-million thanks!

Heather G.

Amazing and life changing!

Moshe Lerer

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Katherine Shimohara

My husband first went to Dr. Maloney many years ago after a bad Lasik experience and Dr. Maloney saved his vision. He has had all his eye treatments since done at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. When I discovered I had cataracts I only trusted this office to do my procedure. From the moment we walked into the office we treated kindly and professionally. Dr. Shamie preformed my surgery and she was wonderful. My vision is great, I couldn't be happier. I will be going back for my other eye to be done. I highly recommend the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institue.

Suzanne Philipson

Wonderful people. Professional, concerned and caring. Most importantly, the cataract surgery was easy and painless. You are treated with respect for your person and your time.

Jeffrey Kalban

Amazing time, care and experience given by the staff at Maloney. I am thrilled with the before, during and especially aftercare of Dr Maloney and the whole team. Totally worth every penny ! Should have done it sooner!

Camille CRESS

20/15 VISION! (Better than 20/20!) My sister and I flew in from Vancouver, Canada for Lasik eye surgery with the one and only Dr. Maloney. From the moment you step into this office you feel so special! The entire process was so smooth, seamless, and all fit into a few hours! The eyes are thoroughly checked before the procedure, and everything they have is top quality, of course! The Lasik itself took maybe 10 minutes, and you don’t feel a thing! Dr. Maloney is so gentle, kind, and reassuring during the procedure. He is constantly telling you that you are doing just great. I loved that! After the surgery I could see and even read the clock in front of me WITHOUT GLASSES! The next day we had our checkup in the morning and was on a plane home in the afternoon! With 20/15 vision for the both of us! I really have no words for the staff at this office, they are truly impeccable, amazing, kind, loving people. I will never forget them, and hope to visit them next time I’m in LA. To Wanda, Brenda, Sahar, Branden and anyone else I can’t remember right now — thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And lastly, to Dr. Maloney, I knew for years that if I were to proceed with Lasik, it must be done by you; and I thought RIGHT! You are truly incredible, care so much for your patients, and want them to receive the absolute best vision they can. Like everyone else I wish I had done it sooner! Bless you Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute!

Monica Y


Evelyn Word

Excellent staff, efficient process, remarkable results.

Robert G.

Totally excellent!

Linda P.

Dr Shamie and staff were amazing. Was a little nervous when I first went in. The fact that someone working on my eye. But once I spoke with each member of her staff, my nerves were at easy. Would refer them to family and friends.

Barbara V.

Amazing staff and couldn’t be happier with the results. Best around.

Joseph Orloff

My office exam experience was very thorough, and the staff and Dr. Shamie clearly explained what the procedure entailed. I was also given a lot of printed info and booklets to read which further explained the cataract removal and lens replacement procedures. The actual surgery is fairly simple and fast. Upon arrival at the surgery center, I had a few more papers to sign, drops put in my eye, an IV started and off I went. Nice to just be able to leave your clothes on and be able to walk out of the surgery center with no eye bandages. Dr. Shamie called me the evening after my surgeries to see how I was feeling. The next day after each surgery I went back to their office to have a check-up. I had also set up the portal with their office to be able to ask any questions and were promptly answered. I would highly recommend contacting Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute for your cataract procedures. A first-class experience for me!!!

Donald Hellwig

Very professional and competent

Diana B.

About the experience… If we don’t count the front desk lady … I would said the experience was outstanding. I am very happy with my surgery but I have to say … I thought from my first visit maybe it was me , having wrong conclusion about the lady at the front desk …I never mentioned anything to my family . But even my husband the day that he drove me for the surgery got the impression that the lady at the front desk wasn’t that nice at all. She is a very cold person to be the first impression or image from the place . But of course the experience from the surgeon and the rest o the staff not including the lady at the front desk was amazing ! Dr. Park , Carla , the lady that just left from maternity , the surgeon Maloney . They are all amazing !

Itsenyth A.

It was a great experience! Your staff and Dr Shamie took time to answer my questions and explained what to expect. The procedure was smooth and went by in a flash. It amazes me how quickly I could see clearly again. I especially appreciate Dr Shamie's time and attention before, during and weeks after checking on my well being. Thank you , thank you, I would recommend Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute 100%!!

Charlene T.

I LOVE my new eyes! (LOL) & the staff is amazing!!! Highly recommend, I had a very pleasant experience. :)

Hailey Puccinelli

"One of the top five surgeries I've ever seen," commented my optometrist the day after Dr. Shamie operated on my second eye for cataract and lens replacement. He knew how truly bad my eyesight was. The day after Dr. Shamie operated on my first eye, I was seeing without glasses, now a week later even 20/20. I didn't realize how compromised my vision, even my life, was. If you are hesitating, don't. Just think of the extra years of good vision Dr. Shamie can give you.

Nancy Sundquist

I had a wonderful experience at the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. They were extremely communicative throughout the whole process and were diligent about following up to ensure the procedure went as expected. Highly recommend.

randall Ellis

Professional, kind, and caring staff. Support staff created a comfortable environment to help my anxiety prior to surgery. Dr. Maloney was friendly and professional through the process. Texted me that evening after surgery to see how I was feeling. Overall excellent customer service and would recommend this office.

Joseph F.

Perfect 👍🏼

Lynn W.

The best ever! 20/20 vision after cataract surgery. Dr Shamie is the best!

Susan Allen

Professional, expert care. Highly recommended without reservation.

James Keithley

I saw Dr. Maloney 30 years ago when he diagnosed an unusual cornea disease in my eyes. Recently I returned to him for cataracts and was privileged to be served by Drs. Shamie and Barnes. What a remarkable tag team of brilliant physicians who not only went the extra mile to ensure the health of my eyes, but knew how to deal with peculiarities of my surgery. I cannot praise the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute enough. I recommend them to anyone needing vision care and correction!

Muhtadia Rice

Dr. Maloney was super awesome! He and his staff are fantastic - this was probably the vest experience I've had at a doctor's office. Thank you so much!


So impressed with the Incredible care and service I received. The entire staff was wonderful and helpful every visit and throughout my recovery. My surgeon Dr Shamie answered all my questions and made my surgery a smooth and stress free experience.

Cricket D.

Great experience with Dr. Maloney and his team getting Lasik. Highly recommend.

Michael B.

Very professional in removing my cataracts. I can see again! And there were no problems and no pain.

Michele A.

Very professional in removing my cataracts. I can see again! And there were no problems and no pain.

Michele A.

Wonderful.....quick & easy...recovery fabulous.... Warmed blankets first class. Staff incredible & personable. Dr. Shamie...skilled 7 considerate.. I was floored with the evening check up call ! I am grateful for such great skill !

Nancy Leiviska

Absolutely cannot recommend enough! I got LASIK from Dr. Maloney and the whole experience was amazing. Dr. Maloney and his supporting staff made me feel like I was in great hands from the consultation appointment to the surgery to the post-op appointments. I previously had extreme near sightedness (to the point where I couldn't read a book unless it was 6 inches from my face) and I now can see better than 20/20! LASIK and Dr. Maloney have truly changed my life and I cannot thank everyone at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute enough!

Danika Nimlos

Every part of my experience, and my wife's was nothing less than perfect. The office staff and Dr. Shamey are the best there is. I wouldn't go anywhere else

Chris Nelson

Excellent, top notch place from start to finish. Got referred by my optometrist. Went for a consult on Tuesday, luckily had an opening and did surgery on Thursday afternoon, woke up Friday morning with 20/15 vision already, and kept improving. The team is extremely skilled with every part of the operation. Surgery was quick and painless. Post-op prescriptions were in a bag for me on the way out. Very clear instructions about everything. Vision is super sharp now, but the improvement in night vision is absolutely insane. Absolutely worth every penny. My only regret is that I didn't go to them years ago.

Trent Parker

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