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More than 100 eye doctors or their families have chosen our surgeons to perform their vision correction surgery.

The flapless alternative to LASIK vision correction.

Los Angeles Eye Surgeons Dr. Robert Maloney, Dr. Neda Shamie, and Dr. Arjan Hura are dedicated to helping everyone achieve the goal of crystal-clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

As a result, you will find much more than just a single solution for perfect vision at the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. PRK eye surgery options, for example, offer excellent opportunities for patients who have previously been denied LASIK surgery because of thin corneas, or because their prescriptions require greater reshaping of the cornea.

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Step One: Customized Measurements

For your PRK eye surgery, we begin by using digital Wavefront technology to scan and map the surface of your eye thoroughly. PRK surgery takes less than a minute and allows your vision to be corrected with 25 times the precision of earlier diagnostic systems.

Dr. Maloney looks into an eye exam machine

Step Two: Preparing the Eye for Surgery

In a PRK procedure, the step of creating a corneal flap with a special laser is omitted. Instead, just the outmost layer of cells on the surface of the eye are carefully removed, preparing the entire cornea for the laser surgery. The thin layer of epithelial cells which are removed during your procedure will grow back as part of your healing process. Healing contact lenses will be used to protect your eyes while they are healing.

animation still of eye with laser on it

Step Three: Wavefront-Guided Vision Correction

Using the VISX Star S4 excimer laser, Dr. Maloney, Dr. Shamie, or Dr. Hura will perform your laser treatment. The expertise with this advanced laser system allows the doctors at MSVI to perform your surgery rapidly. During PRK recovery, you can expect a slightly longer healing time than with LASIK. You should have excellent vision as a result of your surgery in four to seven days.

Educational Video

Dear Dr. Maloney,

"Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a Navy fighter pilot. During NROTC at Tulane University, I realized that I would not qualify for flight school given my less than perfect vision, and the fact that the Navy changed its policy, no longer allowing pilots to wear contact lenses. Then I heard about PRK surgery.

"I asked several of my family doctors to tell me who was the best ophthalmologist / surgeon in the country. Lucky for me they gave me your name. Shortly thereafter, I took two days off from my Tulane classes and flew to LA.

"The process was exciting, professional and simple. Everyone on your staff was extremely courteous and very knowledgeable. Your incredible credentials, skill and comfortable, relaxed style really helped me stay calm during the procedure.

"Well, to conclude the story, 3 months after the surgery I found out I was selected to be a Navy pilot and start training after graduation. My first assignment was Pensacola, FL, where I would begin training as a ‘Student Naval Aviator.’

"Five years after the surgery, I am now in my operational squadron, the VFA-105 ‘Gunslingers.’ My 20/15 vision, free of halos or glare, is a valuable gift when attempting to land a $70 million jet on a moving strip at night. I thank you for that.

"The PRK surgery changed my life and allowed me to pursue my dream and make it a reality.

"With sincere appreciation,

LT Williston 'Mr. Belvedere' Dye III, USN
Strike Fighter Squadron One Zero Five
Naval Aviator"
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With custom PRK from Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute, you can be sure that your eyes are in the best hands possible. If you have been told that you are not a LASIK candidate, or you just don’t know which procedure you need, please come in for a personal consultation. We will use all of our technology to help you decide on the best solution to ensure the best possible outcome for your unique eyes.

We would love to have you be one of our thousands of happy, glasses-free patients.

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