These lenses replace your natural lenses when cataract surgery is required. These lenses are manufactured from high-quality materials, designed to last for many years, delivering the best possible vision for your lifestyle, with clear vision far, at an intermediate distance, and with functional close-up vision. These lenses treat presbyopia, the age-related changes in flexibility of the natural lens. With time, the lens becomes more rigid, unable to flex as it did in your youth, affecting your ability to focus.

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The benefits of extended range of vision lenses

These lenses offer many benefits when compared with other types of intraocular lenses. Extended range vision lenses deliver superior visual acuity than mono-focal lenses, and accommodate near vision better than multifocal lenses, without halos and glare, common side effects. Do you need cataract surgery, and want to get the most out of the procedure? Extended range of vision lenses could be the ideal choice.

How do they work?

Extended range of vision lenses are surgically inserted into your eye in cataract surgery. These groundbreaking lenses focus the incoming light on your retina in a manner very similar to a natural lens, rather than a single focus (mono-focal) or in three powers (multi-focal). 

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What Is The Extended Range Lens?

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Extended Range Lenses?

What is an extended range of vision lens?

Extended range of vision lenses are made from a durable, flexible transparent material. They move with your eyes and feel fully natural. They deliver benefits that set them apart from other types of intraocular lenses. These lenses deliver superior vision correction as well as improving night vision, color discrimination, and vision from at every distance.

Why choose Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute?

When under the care of our vision specialists at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute, you are being treated by specialists with a longstanding reputation for excellence. Our vision center has been involved in innovations and research into next-generation treatments. Our goal is to work closely with you to restore clear vision, and we will offer you the full range of intraocular lenses, including extended range of vision – which may be perfect for your lifestyle.

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What is the difference between extended range of vision and multifocal lenses?

They differ from multifocal lenses, which offer three different zones of power, splitting the light entering the eye into three distinct focal points, which some people find uncomfortable to experience. EDOF lenses are unique, as they are manufactured with a single elongated focal point. They vary in surface curvature, rather than having clear-cut zones focusing power, allowing the brain to adjust more easily. They are less likely to affect night vision by producing glare and halos.

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Vivity extended range lenses

Vivity lenses have been developed with a specialized, non-diffractive technology, “X-Wave™.“ This unique, non-diffractive technology creates a continuous, extended range of vision. This allows you to enjoy optimal vision, 24/7. These lenses have the added benefit of protecting your eye structure from the potential damage of UV rays and filters out the harmful blue light rays emitted by computers, phones, tablets, and other digital devices. Patients with cataracts can get natural vision again. This product works by replacing a damaged, aging natural lens and replacing it with an artificial lens created from a biocompatible synthetic material. With extended range of vision lenses, you can see clearly again, near, intermediate, and at a distance.

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