My initial appointment was very thorough, professional and supportive. Post surgery follow up was amazing. Dr. Hura personally contacted me to see how I was doing. None of my other doctors are this available. Very impressive and appreciated. I highly recommend this group for cataract surgery.


Dr. Hura and his team are wonderful! Every interaction was pleasant and professional. His personal follow up was unexpected and appreciated.


Dr Hura is very personal and accessible. The surgery went very well. The staff are all polite and friendly. I highly recommend them.


I recently got laser eye surgery and I’m so happy I did it with Dr. Hura. From start to finish, Dr. Hura and everyone I interacted with from the office was thorough, intentional, safe, and attentive. He understands that his patients are humans and makes you feel listened to, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for laser eye surgery.


I had very pleasant experience with Dr Arjan Hura, he has great personality and very friendly. Instantly he made me comfortable. Will recommend him strongly.


Quick and pain-free procedures with great results!


Dr. Hura was great! My vision was crystal clear the day after Laser Cataract Surgery. Thank you to Dr. Hura and the entire care team at MSVI for your expertise, professionalism, and kindness.


Extremely kind, professional, organized, knowledgeable. I was tired of wearing reading glasses, so with Dr. Hura’s recommendation I opted for mono vision with a UV light adjustable lens (since I had LASIK previously, this was the best option). I am absolutely delighted with the results. And my lens has not even had any adjustments yet! This has been life-changing. Dr. Barnes and Ben are also amazing. They are so thorough, and they explain everything. Everybody has just taken such excellent care of me, I would have zero reservation referring any of my friends or family.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Hura and his staff. They were very informative and made me feel at ease every step of the process. I now have 20/15 vision!


Smooth, painless and no complications with laser cataract surgery. AND no glasses needed now. Mission accomplished and couldn't ask for a better outcome. Dr Hura understood everything I was expecting and delivered an amazing result.


Absolutely wonderful experience! Dr. Hura did my EVO ICL procedure, and now I see better than 20/20! 😁 I came in with -5.5 diopters of astigmatism, and my eyes were smaller than most surgeons would be comfortable operating on. Dr. Hura's extensive knowledge and experience with the EVO ICL made my procedure possible, and I'm forever grateful to him for the lifetime of crystal clear vision that I have to look forward to. 😎


Maloney Shamie Institute is the absolute best place to get Lasik! from the front office staff, to the nurses, to Ben who did my consultation and to Dr Hura who did the lasik procedure, everyone was awesome!! and the best thing is, i can see!!! #nomoreglasses


I got my lasik done about a month ago with Dr. Hura and I have nothing but good things to say about this place. The office is clean and the staff is friendly. They run some tests before to make sure you're eligible and they made me feel comfortable going over any questions or concerns I had. The surgery itself was quick and painless. It's uncomfortable only the first couple hours right after surgery; but I took the recommended nap and afterwards I was already able to see so clear. They do follow ups afterwards to ensure your eyes are healing well and how you're able to see. I have no issues nor complaints about my vision; by far the best decision I've ever made. I highly recommend getting your lasik here and Dr. Hura.


The entire experience was an Excellent Experience, from scheduling an appointment, the cataract surgery, the texts from office and the doctor post operatively. As, I continue to heal from my recent cataract surgery, I would highly recommend Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute.


The absolute best investment I’ve ever made in my life, everyone at the Maloney Vision Institute was welcoming and explained the process thoroughly to me before and after the procedure. It’s been 2 months and there’s no issues, the healing was very fast and painless all throughout. Very very happy with my results. Thank you so much Dr. Hura and the team.


I CAN SEEE! So easy low stress and have better than 20/20 vision


Dr. Hura performed my LASIK surgery and made me feel really comfortable during the entire procedure. He has had LASIK himself so he understands what it feels like to be the patient. So that gave me a lot of comfort as well. During the procedure he communicates constantly with his assistants so that you can hear as well. He made sure to answer any questions I had and also continued to touch base with me that evening to make sure I was doing okay. Dr. Hura and his staff really make an effort to make sure their patients are well taken care of. Thank you to Dr. Hura and his team, my vision has never been this clear!


Great experience from start to finish.


I have had 3 surgeries here( lasik and cataracts). These are the people I trust my eyes with! They are definitely A+ and 5 stars


Dr.Hura the cataract surgery performed brilliantly, the care absolutely superb before ,during and after Dr. Hura explained every step of the process,no pain at all ,everything first class. I recommend Dr Dr.Hura


Excellent results of Cataract removal.


I’m writing this review six months after undergoing eye surgery (EVO ICL) with Dr. Arjan Hura. Opting for the EVO ICL surgery was a major decision due to my high nearsightedness, which could have had likelihood of experiencing side effects. Dr. Hura did an excellent job explaining the procedure and addressing all my concerns in great detail before the surgery. The surgical procedure is quick and painless. I experienced immediate vision improvement after the surgery, with only minor blurriness on the first day due to dilated eyes. By the second day, my vision was clear, though I noticed a slight halo effect, which completely disappeared within 3-4 days. Two days after the surgery, my vision became perfect, but I would recommend taking a week for rest and recovery. Since the surgery, my vision has remained excellent without any side effects. Its been six months, and I now have better vision than when I relied on glasses and contact lenses. I strongly recommend Dr Arjan Hura, for not just that he did a fantastic job but also he has always been very approachable and given a personalized care. EVO ICL is a highly safe procedure that can truly transform your lifestyle.


From the very first, I felt very comfortable with everyone at the offices. Everything was explained and when I had additional questions, they were happy to answer. My surgery was for cataracts with vision replacement. Dr. Hura made me feel at ease at the surgical center and followed up with a texts after each surgery. My surgeries were very recent so my eyes are still adjusting, but since I have worn glasses or contact lenses since I was very young, to be able to see without them is a game changer. Thank you.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Hura and his staff. All were very professional. I am more than happy with the results. I can now read, do needlepoint and work at the computer all without glasses. Before I needed three different pairs. Now, I only need glasses for distance. It has definitely improved my quality of life. I would highly recommend the procedure.


I just had a wonderful evening playing tennis with my brother. I hadn't played tennis in a while, partly because seeing the ball had become increasingly difficult, which made it more frustrating than fun. Today I had a lot of fun. Dr. Hura corrected my vision, enabling me to experience life fully again. As someone who contemplated getting LASIK for a few years, I can say this: You don't know what you're missing out on because you cannot see it. Dr. Hura's bedside manner was exceptional. As a medical school graduate, I was probably overly curious, but Dr. Hura's explanations and reassurance left me feeling fully at ease. The surgery itself was astonishingly quick. It is magical. All I can say is: Thank you!


The office staff, care practitioners and Dr. Hura and the team of Ophthalmologists made me feel like I was the only patient in the room! A very personalized approach which included pre-operational preparation, what to expect, post operational follow up and assessments. When you select Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute for your eye care needs, you will be making a great choice in selecting them to trust them with your vision.


My optometrist referred me to the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute for Cataract surgery. The entire process from my first consultation appointment to the actual surgeries was flawless. The staff in the office provided all the necessary information in preparation for the surgeries. Dr. Hura was so friendly and knowledgeable. After each eye surgery he personally called me the next day. I now have perfect vision! I highly recommend Dr. Hura and the Maloney -Shamie Vision Institute.


My optometrist referred me to the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute for Cataract surgery. The entire process from my first consultation appointment to the actual surgeries was flawless. The staff in the office provided all the necessary information in preparation for the surgeries. Dr. Hura was so friendly and knowledgeable. After each eye surgery he personally called me the next day. I now have perfect vision! I highly recommend Dr. Hura and the Maloney -Shamie Vision Institute.


Fast, easy, and painless. Should have visited them years ago.


I had a great experience at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. The staff is great, very professional. I would recommend this eye institution to anyone!


I was anxious and apprehensive when I met with Dr. Hura. At age 76 , I could no longer deny the severity of the cataract I had. After testing, I learned my other eye also had a cataract. Dr. Hura thoroughly explained the laser cataract surgery, as well as my options. He explained the entire procedure to me and I was comfortable with all aspects of the surgery. I had my first surgery the following Friday. I arrived and the surgery took place. I felt no pain and left with great vision. I completed the second surgery the following Friday. I was not nervous or tense, my previous surgery experience was so positive. My eyesight is great! I am able to see far, close and in-between! There was never any negative aspect to my surgeries. I find it a testament to Dr. Hura's great experience and skill. The surgeries changed my lifestyle. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Hura for my vision. I often encourage others who have cataracts not to wait to get the surgery done. Thank you Dr. Hura I am forever grateful.


Maloney-Shamie is truly the gold standard of eye care - from their receptionists to techs, to the docs and surgeons, these folks know what they're doing.


I had an exceptionally good experience with Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute. Everyone I encountered was highly professional and compassionate. The clinic operates incredibly smoothly, with personalized attention and strong communication. I cannot recommend Dr. Arjan Hura enough as a surgeon. He guided me so well through the decision-making process. My optometrist was amazed by the quality of my near AND far vision after cataract surgery and my recovery was fast and easy.


Everything was in order


Recently had LASIK by Dr. Hura and could not be more stoked that I did! I went to 3 different places for consultations and Dr. Hura was the only one who suggested I wear my glasses for longer (after showing me why I may not be eligible on my first visit) and then explained his reasoning. He seemed optimistic but cautious, and after 6 more weeks in glasses, showed me what had changed and let me know he was comfortable moving forward with the procedure. No other place gave me that same level of specificity. The procedure itself was quick, painless and one week later, I have 20/20 and feel great! Highly recommend this team and Dr. Hura for LASIK. Thank you all!!

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Dr. Hura did an amazing job. It was absolutely painless and I never expected such a dramatic change in my vision. Even my eye doctor commented on what an exceptional job he and his exceptional staff did. I'm very grateful and I'd recommend this procedure with this doctor to anyone who needs cataract surgery.


From my first optical exam by Dr. Lara Priest, to the initial consults and exams by the M/S Vision Institute, to the two cataract surgeries, and the follow-ups, I have so been impressed by the Doctor Hura ( who did the surgery ) and all the support pre-surgery personnel, and the after surgery follow-ups, I am so ecstatic that I was referred to M/S Vison Institute by Dr. Lara... Every one we dealt with had the best support and informative dealings, that made every step of the way marvelous... And MOST IMPORTANT, I do not have to use glasses after a life time of contacts and glasses... It is SOOO amazing to wake up, and see the world, and go about the days' chores and challenges, and to do so with almost perfect vision .... THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH for making all this great vision opportunity a real accomplishment..! ! Is it possible to report a 6 on a scale of 1 to 5? I just did ..


As an artist, hair stylist and musician Dr. Hura's cataract surgery gave me a new lease on life! Five stars aren't enough!...


Always courteous, on time, easy to understanding and explain everything and thrilled with the outcome


I had LASIK a month ago with Dr. Hura. I was very nervous about the procedure but Dr. Hura was very patient and calm, and made me feel at ease. I appreciate the staff contacting me later the same day to check in with me. Dr. Hura also made himself available answering any questions and concerns I had for the past several weeks. It was very nice to communicate with him directly without having to go through a phone system. The LASIK procedure was a success. My vision is great!!!


Best care ever. The staff was extremely helpful and Dr Hura the best!


The best staff and Dr. Hura is delightful!


I am glad to have Dr. Hura as my surgeon. He is on top of any eye issues that come up, provides clear explanations, closely follows-up and I have felt comforted and confident in the treatment. It is rare to have such a responsive doctor. Dr. Luu and Dr. Barnes are also really great to work with. The office team is helpful and efficient. I've only had one minor surgery (knee) 15 years ago, so I was very nervous about the eye surgeries. Working with Dr. Hura and his team made it not so traumatic.


The staff are amazing and Dr. Hura did a great job on my cataract surgery. I highly recommend their office! I can see out of my left eye now, 20/20.

I am glad to have Dr. Hura as my surgeon. He is on top of any eye issues that come up, provides clear explanations, closely follows-up and I have felt comforted and confident in the treatment. It is rare to have such a responsive doctor. Dr. Luu and Dr. Barnes are also really great to work with. The office team is helpful and efficient.


I see great again! Thank you.


I can’t say enough about Dr. Hura. Aside from being super skilled and absolutely delivering on my surgery, he truly took an interest in what I wanted and needed which made me feel special and taken care of. His follow up is impeccable as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Hura.


I can’t say enough great things about Maloney Shamie Vision Institute. From the virtual consult to follow up appointments, I was consistently impressed by everyone’s professionalism and courtesy. The facility was very clean and tidy, and I appreciated how much time Dr. Hura took to talk to me and answer all my questions. He completely changed my life and I’m forever grateful. I’m definitely referring anyone who’s interested in vision correction to Maloney Shamie!


Top notch staff and doctors. Always very professional. I was educated and well informed through out the process. I always felt completely heard and understood and my questions were always answered. During the surgery Dr. Hura continually reassured me that "I was doing great" and that everything was going perfectly. I felt that the doctors and staff who do this day in and day out never took my concerns lightly or for granted. My case was as important to them as it was to me. The results of my cataract surgery far exceeded my expectations.


From pre-appointment consult through the follow-up day after appointment, the Maloney-Shamie vision institute was professional, thorough and kind in working with me. Dr Hura was confident and thought as my surgeon, that my vision could be restored to pre-cataract sight. My cataract was completely removed and my vision is better than it has been in years! It was one of the best decisions I have made.


What an incredible experience. I was told years ago I would never qualify for laxer eye surgery. After a recommendation to re-explore I discovered Maloney-Shamie and the entire experience from pre to post op and aftercare was amazing. I felt in control and informed the whole time. My eyesight is better than 20/20 and I’m more active than I’ve been in years. Highly recommend!


Needing cataract surgery I was referred to Maloney-Shamie Institute by my Doctor. I called and was easily able to make a consult appointment with Dr Hura in a few weeks time. Before the apt I received lots of emailed information with clear direction and a request for detailed info from me. I was asked for my expectations and any questions or comments. I had several and went into detail. Arriving at a lovely space I was greeted by very friendly staff and had a number of vision tests. After that i met Dr Hura who immediately greeted me warmly and said "i read everything you wrote. Now let's discuss it all." He was very clear in explaining my options and spent unhurried time as we chose my best Treatment. I scheduled surgery for each eye at 2 week intervals. Dr Hura had times scheduled at a surgery center on Fridays. Costs were clearly explained as well. The surgical center then contacted me for exact time on the scheduled day and Dr Hura went over the plan again. I chose laser assisted lens removal and a standard lens insert as with my astigmatism I would still need to wear glasses for best vision at all focal lengths. Dr Hura and the surgical team were reassuring, without being patronizing, very direct and efficient. I had mild sedation and very quick recovery. The following day Dr Hura saw me to check on the state of the eye and review instructions. I had no discomfort nor difficulty and felt assured that if I had I would have been seen to immediately. Two weeks later I returned for the other eye surgery and the 1st eye 2nd checkup. The following day I saw Dr Hura again and both eyes were checked. At each visit the staff was friendly and efficient without ever being rushed. I was thanked for being a patient, encouraged to call if I had follow up problems or questions and referred back to my eye doctor for last eye check and future refraction and glasses. Two weeks later I got a thank you letter from Dr Hura. I can highly recommend Dr Hura and this office for a very positive experience.


I’ve had a fair number of friends have LASIK and they’ve all loved it but had some complications. Dr. Hura did my eyes in February and I’ve had zero issues and incredibly clear vision. I felt extremely well taken care of and informed throughout the entire process. I can’t recommend him and his team enough and it’s a true miracle to be able to see.


Very professional experience! Dr. Hura was thorough and attentive, calling and texting the evening of the procedure. Also, examining on Saturday morning, the day following surgery. I never doubted that I (eye) was in good hands.


This practice is thorough, well organized, and very easy to deal with. They explained things clearly and patiently, and were responsive when something unexpected happened between my initial exam and the surgery. Dr Hura did a fine job on the cataract surgery, and recovery was painless, uneventful, and proceeded exactly as they predicted it would. I will work with them again for the other eye.


I had a very good experience. Dr. Lu was very good. She was like a bundle of positive energy every time she entered the room. Excellent job by her. I felt very comfortable and satisfied with her service.


I had 20/15 with contacts. My surgery with Dr. Hura got me to slightly better thatn 20/15 in 24 hours! So grateful.


I had Cataract Surgery in Dec. 2022 by Dr. Hula and he did a great job. Now I can see everyplace, near and far without Contact lenses or glasses. I really appreciate Dr. Hula and the staff for the skills and kindnesses.


Everyone in the office from the reception to all the technicians and the doctors were so awesome and all of them put me at ease at such a traumatic moment for me. Dr. Hura was so caring and so knowledgeable, and I easily knew all will be well; and I relaxed. I am truly grateful to everyone and feel so fortunate I had my cataracts surgery … each time I gaze at such a clear world now I thank the technology and the expertise of your office. Thank you


The entire office staff were very professional. Dr Hura answered all questions and professional. I am very satisfied. Thank you for my clear vision.


Dr. Hura was outstanding. I went with PRK due to my lifestyle and he worked with me to understand everything and booked a surgery within a week. Now 3 weeks after surgery, my vision is great and seeing clearly!


Great doctors. State of the art equipment and absolutely helpful staff. I had a lens replacement surgery and it turned out so perfect. Amazing!


I went into Doctor Hura’s office to get improve my eyes. He recommended implantable contact lenses ICL due to my eye structure. It was a great decision because the procedure was painless and I didn’t feel any pain after surgery. Doctor Hura met with me every checkup and was always kind and professional.


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