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The First and Only Lens Adjusted Specifically For You After Cataract Surgery

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute is one of the only centers in California to offer the most technologically advanced IOL available in the US: the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL). The Light Adjustable Lens is a lens implant whose power can be adjusted after surgery by shining an ultraviolet light on the lens. By precisely controlling the pattern of light, the lens implant power can be adjusted to correct any remaining myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. The result is extraordinarily clear 20/20 vision in the great majority of patients.

Why Choose The LAL?

All lenses can deliver good vision, but nonadjustable lenses still cannot predictably yield optimal outcomes. And because every eye heals slightly differently after surgery, getting close to the predicted outcome is often the best result a patient can expect. If the visual target is not achieved, patients may need to wear glasses, contacts, or in some cases, have additional procedures such as LASIK surgery to achieve optimal results.

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is the only IOL that enables our surgeons to design, trial and customize your vision after cataract surgery. Adjustability takes cataract surgery to the next level by giving you a lens customized specifically for your eyes.

The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute was a principal investigation site for the LAL during US FDA Trials and was the first center in California to offer the LAL when it became FDA-approved.

In a FDA study of 600 subjects, those who received the LAL were twice as likely to achieve 20/20 vision without glasses.

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The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) Procedure

If you select the Light Adjustable Lens, the first step is to have your cataract safely removed and the adjustable IOL implanted. The cataract removal and IOL implantation procedure is similar to any other type of IOL surgery.

Patient getting an eye exam and being helped by a doctor and a nurse

Typically in about two weeks, when the eye has healed, the surgeon will evaluate your vision. If your surgeon decides to adjust the power of the lens to give you sharper, more precise reading or distance vision, you will be placed in front of the Light Delivery Device (LDD), which will non-invasively deliver the UV light to your Light Adjustable Lens. The light treatment is painless and takes less than 90 seconds.

After the first light treatment, you will return in a few days, and if a further minor adjustment is required to fine tune vision an additional treatment is performed. Typically between 2 and 4 total light treatments are needed, each lasting less than 90 seconds and separated by at least 3 days in between visits.

When you are happy with your visual outcome, the lens power is ‘locked in’ with a final light application and for the first time ever, you can have confidence that your result will be just how you want to see the world.

nimated still of how the LAL works in five stages

What makes the LAL different is the unique nature of the lens material. One component, a biocompatible material, is sensitive to a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light. When the lens is exposed to such light using light delivery device, the material is photopolymerized causing the shape and hence the power of the lens to change.

UV Light

The sun is the primary natural source of UV light, and artificial sources of UV light are safely used in many medical and ophthalmic treatments. However, as exposure to indoor and outdoor sources of UV light can cause uncontrolled changes to the Light Adjustable Lens- you will be provided with UV protective glasses to wear during all waking hours (from time of lens implantation until after the last light treatment is completed).

Glasses may be removed when sleeping, and may be temporarily removed when showering, washing your face, or applying eye drops as long as you are not exposed to direct sunlight.

24 hours after the final light treatment no further changes can occur in the implanted LAL, and you can remove the UV protective glasses and enjoy your custom vision.

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