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The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute is an Authorized FDA Study Center for vision correction technology.

LASIK surgery is performed almost 600,000 times a year in the United States. It has become the most sought after correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness and more recently for astigmatism due to the uncomplicated nature of the surgery and the ease of recovery.

LASIK aftercare is relatively simple with most patients able to drive and go about their regular activities the next day.

LASIK Recovery

LASIK surgery is fast; both eyes are usually completed in 15 to 20 minutes. The eyes begin to heal immediately and continue to complete the healing process rapidly. You will notice improvement in your vision within hours of surgery, with improvement continuing as the eyes heal.

Dr. Maloney, Dr. Shamie, or Dr. Hura will examine you before they send you home and give you protective goggles to wear. We recommend that you keep your eyes closed during the first few hours except to walk to the car, go to the bathroom, etc. After four hours, the goggles can be removed, and you can open your eyes. Wear the goggles to bed for the first night.

Patients may have a bandage contact lens placed to protect the cornea from the constant action of the eyelids. This will be removed by your doctor during your LASIK aftercare visit the next day. Leave it in place until your appointment but if it falls out, do not try to replace it.

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Irritation & dryness

Your eyes may feel irritated or dry during LASIK recovery. They may also be watering and be sensitive to light. These symptoms can last anywhere from one week to one month following surgery and will gradually diminish over time.

You will be prescribed antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops which will significantly help with irritation. You will also be given artificial tears, which will lubricate dry eyes. We will provide a schedule for administering the drops, including the sequence you should use them. Patients are asked to follow the procedure to ensure they get all the benefits that these medications provide.

It is not uncommon for the eyelids to be swollen for several days after the surgery. You may also see a red area in the white part of your eye which will gradually clear up.

As your eyes continue the recovery process you may experience some blurred vision for two to three weeks. You may also feel as if there is something in your eye like an eyelash. This is normal and you should resist the urge to rub your eyes. This is important since the corneal flap created during your LASIK surgery is healing and should not be disturbed.

Restricted activities

LASIK recovery has few demands, however care must be taken to protect the eye against infection. Our doctors recommend that patients do not swim or use a hot tub, Jacuzzi, steam room or sauna for a week following surgery. Patients can shower or bathe as they wish.

Alcohol should be avoided on the day of surgery.

Eye makeup can be worn after 24 hours but it must be new unopened make up to avoid bacterial infection. After a week, the original makeup can be used.

Ongoing LASIK aftercare

Patients who are active in sports are cautioned to wear protective eye wear to ensure their eyes are not injured. LASIK aftercare includes physical protection, particularly when playing sports that could potentially result in a blow to the eyes.

Lubrication is important during the ongoing healing process. Patients are advised to use the lubricating drops provided 3 to 4 times a day even if the eyes don’t feel dry.

LASIK recovery is complete after a few months, although you will experience improvements immediately. Dr. Maloney, Dr. Shamie, or Dr. Hura will examine your eyes as you progress through recovery, testing your vision improvement and ensuring you are experiencing the best vision possible.

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