Kelsey White has been BUSY this year.  Besides being the Director of Influencer Marketing & Social Media for Foray Collective, an emerging shopping platform that connects women with fashion designers and the most popular style influencers from around the globe, she’s staked her own claim in that world with the creation of her lifestyle and outfit destination, Something Beachy .

Born and raised along the beaches of Santa Monica & Malibu,  Kelsey created Something Beachy to blend breezy fashion and SoCal culture into one creative space.  As part of Foray and Something Beachy she’s been on a whirlwind tour through the country from NY Fashion Week to the Grand Canyon through the Hawaiian Islands and the Caymans.

Along with these adventures Kelsey decided to share one her most personal – her LASIK experience at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute.  She breaks it down from first appointment to the last with every little detail anyone considering LASIK would want to know.  Below is the full post from her blog.

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I have been wearing contacts for 15 years. Yep, 15 years of uncomfortable, inconvenient, extremely expensive, contacts. LASIK has always been at the top of my wish list since it first came out. What would it be like to wake up and actually see around me? How nice would it be to call it a night and pass out without worrying about contacts? Well, now I CAN.



I decided to bite the bullet and finally book a consultation for LASIK.  My optometrist referred me to Dr. Robert Maloney of Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute.  She assured me that he was THE doctor to see for LASIK eye surgery.  Dr. Maloney is a Los Angeles based LASIK & Cataract Specialist, and the 1st M.D. to perform LASIK in western North America.  In addition, he’s also trained more than 1,000 eye surgeons in the use of the excimer laser and has personally performed more than 60,000 vision-correction surgeries in the last 25 years. Dr. Maloney has also performed LASIK on noteworthy celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawford, Lindsey Vonn, and many, many more.  If that isn’t enough, he also published three books, has been a principal investigator for 22 FDA studies, and is the Dodger’s team eye doctor. Need any more validation?

lasik - something beachy - kelsey white


I’ve decided to break down my LASIK experience into a digital diary, where I recorded every step, along with my thoughts and concerns. I hope this helps anyone reading who has ever considered getting LASIK. It has changed my life in the most incredible way. One word to describe the outcome – FREEING.


*The procedure is PAINLESS and takes 15 minutes (it’s not as scary as it seems).

*You can go to work the next day! Downtime is only ONE day.

*Yes, you can open your eyes after surgery.

*Dry eyes are common after surgery, but can be treated with rewetting drops.


VISIT #1: The referral from Dr. Wong

Dr. Wong Optometry, Santa Monica, CA

Step 1! I went to visit my local optometrist to express my interest in LASIK. She referred me to Maloney Vision and assured me he was the best in the game.

lasik - something beachy - kelsey white



3 days without contacts

Plan to set aside 3 full days without your contacts. This allows your eyes to rest so the doctor can take proper measurements  (contacts can warp the shape of your corneas). Since I was pretty much blind, I had to wear my glasses for 3 days. Going through this part really had me eager about getting LASIK!


VISIT #2: The Measurements

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute, Westwood, CA

My first visit to the Maloney office! The staff was first class and I was very impressed with Dr. Maloney.  He advised I was a candidate for iDesign LASIK (Maloney is one of the only centers in LA to offer this technology that maps your eyes for surgery).  It’s scanning software 25X more precise than methods used to measure your eyes for glasses or contacts – which means better night vision and better chance of achieving 20/20 or better.  I had no doubt I was in expert hands and set my appointment for LASIK for the following week!

lasik - something beachy - kelsey whitelasik - something beachy - kelsey white


VISIT #3: The Procedure

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute, Westwood, CA

Today is the day! I walked in the office feeling anxious and excited. I filled out final bits of paperwork, took a sedative, and waited for it to kick in before the doctor’s assistant took me back to the procedure prep area. She put numbing eye drops in my eyes, a hair cap, and I was ready for surgery. Dr. Maloney greeted me in the procedure room with a warm smile, assuring me that everything would be ok.

The procedure lasted a total of about 15 minutes. SO quick! It was 100% painless. Dr. Maloney talked me through the entire process giving positive affirmations and walking me through each step. I was really relaxed from the sedative and the surgery was a breeze. Seriously!

I put on the goggles following the surgery, and had my dad drive me home. I took an Ambien and a 4-hour nap (as suggested) wearing the goggles to allow my eyes to heal properly.

lasik - something beachy - kelsey white


VISIT #4: The Next Day Follow Up

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute, Westwood, CA

My alarm went off. I tossed around in bed and slowly opened my eyes. OMG, I can see.  My vision was a bit foggy (as suspected), but an EXTREME improvement. Dr. Maloney told me that my eyes were healing beautifully, and my vision will be BETTER than 20/20.

PS – I threw my glasses, contact cases, and contact solution in the trash. Boo-yah.

LASIK Aftercare

Take a 4-hour nap following procedure.

Sleep with goggles first night only.

2 prescription drops, 3 times a day.

Buy and use new eye makeup for first week.

lasik - something beachy - kelsey white

VISIT #5: The Final Follow Up (1 week post surgery)

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute, Westwood, CA

A week after my procedure, I went in for my final visit. Dr. Maloney checked my eyes and told me that my eyes are healing perfectly, and my vision was BETTER than 20/20 – it was 20/15. Wooo!!

lasik - something beachy - kelsey white


I seriously cannot explain what it feels like to wake up and see. I am so, so thankful for my experience at Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute and strongly recommend Dr. Maloney if you want the BEST LASIK eye surgeon in Los Angeles.  If I have any bit of advice – DON’T BE SCARED, DO IT! Feel free to comment with any questions/concerns and I’m happy to answer! xx


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